Saturday, November 12, 2011

Screening and OR day #1

Today was our first day of surgery. We began by screening patients in our lists. We are very thankful to all the Nepalese doctors and residents who were tremendously helpful in translating for patients and families.Their willingness to help and eagerness to learn was indeed very supportive. With the coordination of the team, we were able to take more patients than originally listed. After discussion about every screened patient in a conference, the team proceeded by getting ready for surgeries. The OR team took up and handled the challenge of working with much less sophisticated and very different Operating Room settings and technologies. While preparing the patients for surgeries, nurses and physical therapists took the responsibility of pre-op teaching in patient wards. As we taught patients and families in a ward with about eight beds, we saw a common hope of getting painfree movement in every patient's and family member's eyes. This hope, excitement, and appreciation is acting as an incredible supply of energy to the team and is  making all the challenges seem worth it.

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