Wednesday, November 16, 2011

7th day in Nepal


  1. I've been loving your updates and pictures! It's nice to see photos of my Mamma (Terry Foster) and know that she's well... and by the way, keep your eye on her- I hear she's a trouble maker. Keep the posts coming- I'm your biggest fan! ;-)
    -Kelcey S.

  2. Hey, I've been watching your Blog since the beginning, ( I'm Terry's sister) and the pictures have been fantastic, but today they got smaller - awwwwww- they've been so great. Thanks so much. What incredible work you're all doing!

  3. Congratulations Doctor on all of your hard work! I am in London and i cant be there in Nepal while you are doing a operation of my mum her name is Pramila Devkota and now she is very happy and still she told me she got a pain comparatively she got a less pain than before operation as well as my dad is very happy to see her improvement. Thanks foryour whole team to give her a new life.if you want to contact me my email is