Monday, November 14, 2011

Making a difference

The third day of surgery was filled with positivity reflected in the enthusiasm of patients showing success with physical therapy. This enthusiasm was also passed on to pre-operative patients and their families, who were encouraging post-operative patients during their ambulation and physical therapy. Family members were very supportive and willing to be involved in and participate in patient care and teaching.  It was great to witness patients receiving such support and attentiveness from several family members at the same time.
Given the complexity of the case, we are very closely following the progress our patient with Ankylosing Spondyitis. He was phenomenally energetic and motivated for physical therapy, and walked several times with physical therapist with the help of walker. He expressed his excitement of being able to hope to be married and get better job now that he can walk better.  We all were moved by his determination to get better, and move ahead in life.
We are collecting all these moments to build a hope of success for all our patients, and thanking our patients and families for touching our lives in many ways.

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