Monday, November 21, 2011

November 17, departure day

So it is with mixed emotion that we depart. The team had a great evening last night hosted by the Orthopedic Department at The Nepal Medical College Teaching Hospital. The party was far more elaborate than our team had anticipated. The party was attended by the entire medical staff and their families as well as the Minister of Health of Nepal and other governmental officials. These guys are great hosts, well read scientists who merely lack the experience needed to become proficient in joint replacement surgery. They also are experienced and proficient drinkers who left us in the dust at the Johnny Walker dispensary.

The evening was filled with pomp and circumstance, mutual appreciation for the service and opportunity respectively. The food was served outside in a garden garnished with fire burning pits for warmth and tikki lamps. The fires were metaphorical warnings for the curry-laced delicacies that were served. There was an elaborate stage where all the Syracuse team members were recognized with a plaque.

We made final rounds this morning on our patients. They are all doing well and really getting mobile.  The staff from Nepal has taken the reins and the patients are confident in their care with the homegrown staff so we all felt comfortable leaving the patients in their care.

On to the next stage!


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